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Promise – Flash Fiction

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She was normally there when he got home. Different working hours, and she worked from home. It was far from abnormal that she was home when he got there. Something else that was normal for their household was her dress code: A t-shirt (often one of his t-shirts) and her panties. In her world bras were exclusively for when you leave the house and being the freedom loving rebel that she was, even when she left the house a bra wasn’t always on the cards.

He had no problem with her dress code because she was easy on the eye. His friends and family never believed she was his roommate, because of how she looked. “No woman would put up with what you bring home so often.” they said, and they were not talking about his work. They were right, she didn’t put up with what he brought home. That’s why she worked as his roommate.

They moved in together just eight months after they met. Actually, she came over with pizza and beer one day and just never left. Truth be told, he needed her more than she needed him. She hated being alone and he loved being needed. He had two spare rooms, and she just started paying half the rent. He didn’t even ask her to pay anything, and he didn’t even know how she knew how much his rent was. It’s not like she asked if she could move in either and because they were so close, she always had things at his place in any case.

Before she never left, she would often come over to watch the things she would never watch if it wasn’t for knowing him. After a joint or two, she would just fall asleep on the couch. He didn’t want her driving home on her own anyway. The first time she came over and stripped down to just a t-shirt and her panty he objected and his objection was simply met with: “It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked, and this is still not naked. So what exactly should I be hiding from you?”

“I’m glad you are finally home!” she said as he walked into the livingroom.

“Need me to roll a joint, huh?” he teased.

She held up a perfectly rolled joint. “Nope, I learnt from te best.”

“I love a girl who’s prepared.” he smiled.

She gave him the joint and took off her shirt. “I’ll be here when you are done. Promise.”

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