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Made You Look QR Code

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As the train left the station and moved into the tunnel a gust of wind travelled over the platform. She reached up to keep her hair out of her eyes. And he knew.

Koi No Yokan

The platform was crowded, but he didn’t see anyone else. She was unaffectedly beautiful. Clearly shy, yet also like she was posing for a photographer. Her dress was olive green and fit her form perfectly.

Made You Look QR code

In an attempt to shield her eyes from the wind, she turned toward him. Their eyes locked and she smiled at him. His face was mostly covered by his hoody and the mask over his nose and mouth, so he smiled back with his eyes. Olive green eyes, like her dress. And he knew.

“We have 60 seconds before the next train pulls in.” said the voice over the rattle of a spray paint can being shaken.

He took two cans of spray paint out of his bag and handed the cans to his friend: “I’ll be right back.”

She was standing on the other side of the platform and he would have to walk through an arch, right into the view of CCTV. His pace was brisk and he pulled the paint marker out of his backpack as he was walking straight towards her. She was still smiling at him. And he knew.

As they met under the arch he turned to the wall of the arch and started making marks. Thick black lines like only a chisel-tip paint marker can produce. At first, she was shocked, and this turned to excitement as his marks became shapes. Familiar yet strange.

“恋の予感” said the black paint as it was dripping down the wall.

“20 seconds.” shouted a voice over the sound of spraying paint cans.

“What does it mean?” she asked.

He started writing on the wall again.

The words “PREMONITION OF” appear from his paint marker before being promptly crossed out as his hand drags across the wall. The next train was pulling into the station and his friend grabbed him by the arm, pulling him towards the train. Premonition off.

As the train door closed she walked up to the window of the train cart and put her hand up against the window. As the train started moving the sticker she placed on the window appeared from under her hand. A QR code.

He scans it.


And he knew.

“Koi no yokan,” he said to himself, still smiling.

The End.

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