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AI Art – The Good, the bad and the ugly

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AI art is a form of art created using artificial intelligence algorithms. This can take many forms, such as using AI to generate new images or to enhance or manipulate existing images. AI art can also be used to create music, poetry, video and other forms of art. Some people believe that AI has the potential to revolutionize the art world by allowing artists to create new forms of art that would not be possible with traditional techniques. However, others are concerned that AI could replace human artists and make it difficult for them to earn a living. Overall, AI art is a fascinating and emerging field that is worth keeping an eye on.*

That whole paragraph was written by AI. I’ve done some minor editing and fact checking or correcting, but other than that ChatGPT gave me that when I said to it: Tell me more about AI art.

AI Art by the artist Stix. Even though the art was generated by AI based on a text prompt by Stix, it somehow still resembles the artist own art
One of the first AI art images that I created using Midjourney.

What are the controversies around AI art?

One of the main controversies surrounding AI art is the question of whether or not it can truly be considered art. Some people believe that because AI algorithms are created by humans, the resulting art is ultimately a human creation and should be considered as such. Others argue that because AI algorithms can generate or manipulate images in ways that are beyond the capabilities of human artists, the resulting art should be considered a separate category.*

Another controversy surrounding AI art is the potential for AI to replace human artists. Some people are concerned that as AI algorithms become more advanced, they will be able to create art that is indistinguishable from human-created art. This could make it difficult for human artists to compete and earn a living. Personally I think that there are collectors that will always value a human piece of art more than art that was created by AI.*

Different artistic strokes for different art collector folks.

Ai art won’t replace human artist, but will function along side it. Just like surrealist art didn’t kill every other type of art, AI art is just a new addition to the space. Other than the copyright and reference concerns with AI art, this discussion reminds me a lot of the discussion around digital art and using things like drawing tablets and iPads as tools to create art.

Speaking of the copyright concerns surrounding AI art…

Finally, there are concerns about the ethics of using AI to create art. Some people worry that AI algorithms may be biased, which could lead to the creation of art that is discriminatory or offensive. There are also concerns about the ownership of AI-generated art, as it is not always clear who has the rights to art created by an AI algorithm. These and other issues surrounding AI art are likely to continue to be debated as the field continues to evolve.*

Does AI art make everyone an artist?

AI art does not necessarily make everyone an artist. While AI algorithms can be used to create or manipulate images and other forms of art, the resulting art is still the product of human design and programming. In other words, creating AI art still requires a certain level of technical expertise and artistic ability. Furthermore, even with the help of AI algorithms, not everyone may have the artistic talent or vision to create compelling art. While AI can certainly be a useful tool for artists, it does not automatically make everyone an artist.*

I agree with what the robot said above. I also believe that everyone can create, we all just create different things. Some of us paint, draw, write and make music, but other’s write code, build cars, design windows and taps. It all requires some creativity, artistic ability and technical ability that can only be attained through hours of practical experience.

Anyone can generate AI art, but some do it better than others.

What are AI art generators?

AI art generators are algorithms or software programs that use artificial intelligence to create or manipulate art. These algorithms can take many forms, such as neural networks that are trained on large datasets of images, or machine learning algorithms that are designed to generate new images based on a set of input parameters.*

AI art generators can be used by artists to create new artwork, or by anyone who is interested in exploring the possibilities of AI-generated art. Some popular examples of AI art generators include DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Wombo Dream and NightCafe, neural networks trained to generate images from text descriptions, and ArtBreeder, a tool that allows users to combine and manipulate images to create new artwork.*

AI Art created based on one of my own drawings and some text prompts that I gave

How can AI Art be used as a artistic tool?

AI art can be used as a tool by artists in a number of ways. For example, an artist could use an AI algorithm to generate new images or ideas that they can then use as a starting point for their own artwork. An artist could also use AI to manipulate or enhance existing images, adding new layers of detail or depth to the artwork. AI algorithms can also be used to create music or poetry, allowing artists to experiment with new forms of expression. Ultimately, the use of AI as an artistic tool can help artists to expand their creative possibilities and push the boundaries of traditional art.*

Change is a good thing, right? Especially in art. Sure Jackson Pollock had critics that claimed his art was not art, but he still sold art and was famous in his lifetime. AI art can be used as a tool, to help us create new art. Just like a cave man making a cave painting could not predict Jackson Pollock or Damien Hirst, I can’t predict how AI art is going to impact the art we produce, but I know that it will.

AI already helped me write this update. I’ve used Midjourney to create a great image for a piece of flash fiction that I wrote. I fed Midjourney an image I drew for the short story along with the first paragraph of my piece of fiction. I think AI is going to be a tool, just like my drawing tablet is a tool to me.

AI Art generated to accompany a piece of fiction writing
AI Artwork for my Flash Fiction piece “Is any of this real?”

Not everyone is going to like AI art, even as a tool.

Is AI art ethical?

The ethics of AI art is a complex and somewhat controversial topic. On the one hand, AI can be used to create art that would not be possible with traditional techniques, and this can open up new possibilities for artists and art lovers alike. On the other hand, there are concerns about the potential for AI to replace human artists and make it difficult for them to earn a living.*

Overall, the ethics of AI art will depend on how the technology is used and who has control over its development and deployment. It will be important for artists, technologists, and other stakeholders to consider these ethical implications as the field of AI art continues to evolve.*

Can we stop AI art?

Strap your tin-foil hats on kids, it’s about to get weird. I think we are probably the larvae of whatever being is going to replace us. I think it will be a slow-ish transition where we become cyborgs first, but ultimately it will be “artificial intelligence” that travels beyond our solar system.

It is unlikely that AI art can be stopped completely. AI technology has advanced to the point where it is being used in many different fields, including art. Additionally, the use of AI in art has the potential to open up new creative possibilities and expand the boundaries of traditional art. While it is important to consider the ethical implications of AI art and to ensure that human artists are not unfairly disadvantaged, it is unlikely that we will be able to stop the development and use of AI in art (or anything else) altogether.*

We have already moved beyond the point of no return. I plan to enjoy the journey to the edge as much as I can, and I suggest you do the same. It’s only a matter of time until our journey comes to an end and our society goes flying over the edge like a man that’s delirious from a the psychological breakdown that awoke in him during a psychedelia experience. It will break him, or improve his life greatly. The only thing that is certain is that he is going over the edge and he is taking us all with him. Kicking and screaming, or dancing, we are all in for the ride.

Disclaimer: Every paragraph written by AI is indicated by an *. Although I have edited the AI written content and added my own writing in between, I feel like it is important to explain this as an example of what AI can already do.

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