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“Look harder” – Yoda

LowBrow magic

I can’t touch it. I can’t point at it and say: “There it is!”

There is magic in art. All art. Written, drawn, painted, illustrated, sketched, printed, music, audio, performance, there is magic in that. Creating is something I do even if I don’t believe I have any talent to do anything I do. I also believe that making something is the only way you can make the next thing better. It’s also because making zines, writing stories, drawing and painting makes me feel like a kid again.

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Zine Subscription on my Patreon

I’ve made four of my zines available on my Patreon:

  • Six Bullets for Creative Survival
  • The Little Book of Adventure Time Advice
  • Made You Look
  • KULTuur

I’ll be adding a new zine to the Patreon collection every month. You can download and print your own copies of my zines for $3 a month.

South African Artist

I am a South African artist currently living and working in Pretoria, South Africa. Creating what many describe as minimalist art, my art evokes emotions and feelings in the viewer by confronting topics like death, love, lust, and the overall human experience in a world that is evolving technologically much faster than we are able to evolve.

My work has strong illustrative elements and line work that is bold. Inspired by my love for skateboarding, music, and street art, my work often contains symbols and familiar iconography either created by me or that is integrated from my everyday life. I’m excited about my work as a South African contemporary artist, creating works that I want to, while also enjoying collaborations with other artists and commission work that peaks to my interests.



How To Make A Zine: An Easy 5-Step DIY guide

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Beware – Flash Fiction

She wasn’t English. She was Scottish, but she drank her tea like she was English. Daily, at te…



contemporary south african artist

LIKE tattoos?

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Snake in my mind

“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well being.” – Albert Hadley
If you are looking for a modern painting for your home, take a browse through the collection of Stix’s work. If the original is already sold, consider getting a print or DM Stix to hear if he has any new paintings he is currently working on.